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"As you know, the path to getting this job for Brad was not straightforward or easy, and at times was downright discouraging. During the six months it took to secure the job, Hannah [his employment consultant] remained optimistic, communicative, and tenacious. When one door would close, she found another one to open using determination and ingenuity."

Janet and John Morse, parents of Brad Morse, Grocery Clerk, New Seasons Market


"I saw Lisa behind the counter, capping drinks and calling out order names. Wow. I am so impressed that 1.) she could do that and 2.) most of all, that her co-workers would allow and ask her to participate in this way."

Cathy Lamb, parent of Lisa Lamb, Lobby Attendant, Starbucks


"Since my daughter started this job, her confidence and social skills have grown tremendously and she loves her job so much. She’s made friends, become financially self-sufficient, and lives independently. It’s such a joy to see her happy and fulfilled!"

Michelle, mother of a DVR program participant served by PSP


"PSP has been tireless in helping our son Wil transition into the working world. We interviewed several vendors and the decision was never really close. We felt PSP had the professional presence and forward thinking to partner with the kind of companies that could provide Wil with the work environment he desired." For the complete text of this letter of recommendation, click here.

Jerome "Jiff" Searing, parent of Wil Searing, Lab Assistant, MAC Business Unit, Microsoft


"We have two sons with disabilities. Both are successfully living independently and are contributing tax-paying members of society. The reason for their success is the supported employment each receives. Their jobs would not continue without the trained professional staff members of PSP who work as a liaison between the employer, our sons and my husband and me."

Jane and Larry Kimble, parents of Adam Kimble, Dining Room Attendant and Ryan Kimble, Utility Associate both at Eurest Dining Services



"My son Matt has just finished the paperwork for his new job! PSP has worked tirelessly to provide high quality services for him with individual attention and job customization. They took the time to get to know his skill set and communication style and they continue to work closely with me, Matt’s home support, family and co-workers to ensure his success. Matt’s enthusiasm for work is an inspiration and the opportunity to apply his work ethic in an integrated environment is a gift.”

Dave Moeller, parent of Matt Moeller, Dining Room Attendant, Eurest Dining Services


"PSP is as invested in Kendyl as we are—working tirelessly to fill in the gaps to help make her employment dream a reality. It starts with your vision of 'can' versus 'cannot.' Everyone in the agency that we worked with would always shoot for the stars and then develop a path and the necessary supports to get Kendyl there. Thank you for always encouraging the employer to focus on the ability instead of the disability. I know a lot of work went into providing a safety net—not for Kendyl, but for the employer's level of comfort." For the complete text of this testimonial letter, click here.

Vanessa Hair, parent of Kendyl Hair, School Helper & Teacher of Sign Language, Sammamish Montessori School and Lakeside Montessori School


"At both my jobs my PSP coach has helped me with checklists to help me remember everything I need to do. If there are problems, she helps me figure it out. I don't know what I would do without her."

Sarah McWilliams, Office Maintenance Aide at City of Seattle and File Clerk at Pediatric Associates


"The outstanding people at PSP have given Anna opportunities, encouragement and ongoing support—all so vital in ensuring her success in a job environment."

Peggy and Robert Angrisano, parents of Anna Angrisano, Library Paige Assistant, Lake Hills Library


"Emily found a job that she loves and gets the support she needs. I do not know what I would do without this assistance!"

Dave Pope, parent of Emily Pope, Childcare Assistant Teacher, YMCA


“PSP is always professional, hard working and passionate toward supporting people with disabilities to be successfully employed”

Scott Leonard, Project/Program Manager III, King County Developmental Disabilities Division


"PSP offers the best outcomes in the country. Good jobs. Good wages."

Ray Jensen, former Director, King County Developmental Disabilities Division

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